Thursday, November 8, 2012

365/313 these girls got bling

CJ had a half day of school today. While Syd was at school, CJ and I had a little girls lunch together and did a bit of shopping.

CJ has been wanting me to buy her earrings for sometime now, but did not want her ears pierced. I thought today is the day! I took her to Claire’s and we watched a couple teens get their ears pierced but she was not convinced. We even looked over the earring options, but nope she was not going do it!

We walked almost to the car before she stopped me and said “That girl that got her ears pierced said it did not hurt her.” {Yep she did say that.} And they had Hello Kitty Earrings too! She turned us around and, even though she was scared to death, she got them pierced without a single tear!



Now that is all the ear piercing I thought was going to happen today…. but Syd was adamant once she saw CJ’s ears. She got off the bus and CJ eagerly showed her ears off. Syd instantly wanted some for herself and even tried to take them off CJ. I assumed that this would soon pass, but I was so wrong.

Syd got very upset that I was not getting her earrings and kept telling me “I want to pierce my ears”. So that is what did it! We drove to Claire’s and she hopped right up in the chair when we got there.  She picked sparkly pink hearts for her pair. She was just as brave as CJ and never fussed at all.  I am shocked that this went so well, but time will tell me if I should have held my ground and refused her. She has already asked me a couple times to take them out…..  

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