Wednesday, October 31, 2012

365/305 Our Boo Crew

We took the girls out trick or treating with the Rabidue’s again this year. 

What a difference a year or two makes.  Two years ago, Syd did not want to walk up to any houses to get candy.  Last year, she was hit/miss about which houses she would go to.  This year, she went up to every house and had a screaming fit when we were done and ready to go home.  She wasn’t done!  The irony is that she doesn’t really even like candy that much, although her sweet tooth is slowly growing (she is her father’s girl after all).

The best part about the evening is simply the chance to spend some time relaxing with our good friends and their kids.

Missing from the picture is the Rabidue’s new puppy (Sammy).  He was another highlight for the kids. 


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