Wednesday, October 24, 2012

365/298 First night at the McJob

JD had his first official night at his new job. He came home overly excited about the biggest McDonald’s bag he has ever seen! It was not filled with food {thankfully} it was full of his street clothes. He was decked out in head to toe McDonald’s. {They even provide him with shoes from a place call Shoes for Crews with a tool to scrape the gridded soles clean!}.

He was even more excited to receive his first pay check {for orientation a few weeks ago} For 2 hours he was paid $10.00 after taxes {maybe dad’s $5 a hour was not the underpayment that JD always thought it was}.

He was given his next schedule, Sunday the 4th 9-5! He looked shell shocked when he told me “They scheduled me to work for 8 hours!”  Ha Ha, oh buddy boy, this is only the beginning of your working life.


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