Tuesday, October 23, 2012

365/297 just a few pin pricks

I backed myself right into a sewing project. It started innocently enough; MJ was looking for a costume and kept coming out with her old dance costumes. Now  she has been in dance for years and each year she wears 2-3 recital outfits. She also grows each and every year so they don’t always fit the right way 6 months later. She was okay with how a couple fit……..I was NOT.
We settled on making her look like a Flapper, one of the longer recital outfits would sort of work despite the lack of suitable straps. But it would never pass school dress code… but she could wear a sweater.
I went to Joann’s to get a feather and sequins for the headband. To get an idea of how wide the sequins  should be I looked through the pattern books for a flapper pattern.
2012-10-22 13.34.38 

It  looked simple enough and I suddenly found myself running my finger through  the fringe and brocade fabric and I was hooked
It took me longer than I thought with all the try-ons and adjustments from a misses size 8 to a junior size 5/7. And even after I thought I was done {after these pictures were taken} MJ asked for more adjustments. She thought these picture were unflattering {I agreed that she did look a bit thicker than she really is…}
After a few snips and pin pricks later  she is over joyed with the dress and I’m over joyed that is decent enough to wear to school and to keep her dad happy!

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