Saturday, October 20, 2012

365/294 Pre-Halloween fun

Today we traveled to G-town. The purpose was to carve pumpkins at Grammie’s but first we stopped over to Grandma G’s to show her our Bat Girls.

batgirls in action

This is the bat Girls in action this morning just after getting their costumes on.

JD invited his Girlfriend, DJ, to come with us. She seemed to endured the craziness of Grammies small dining room fill to the brim with grandkids and pumpkins. {we keep harassing Grammie to blow the wall out and add on but she really only has the full to bursting problem less than once a month}

The girls got into the cleaning out the pumpkins part this year; Syd surprised me by digging right in. Little man though was not not too keen on the pumpkin junk.

The girls directed me to what they wanted for a face and I carved it. {Syd asked for triangle eyes and a smile. CJ had to have heart eyes and pointy vampire teeth}. MJ carved 2: one for her and one to stay at Grammie’s to greet her Trick or Treaters.

It was a great day with family; eating chili & crock pot lasagna and cuddling with my niece and nephew.


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