Wednesday, October 17, 2012

365/291 Running with familiar Spectators

JD loves it when he has familiar spectators to watch him run. He claims that it is more fun to run when you know that there are people to cheer you on {we are are at every race but that is just not enough?}

Hubby’s college buddy, “Uncle Spike” and his family came to cheer him on today. We impressed upon JD that it is a BIG DEAL that anyone would drive a couple hours just to watch a race that last less than 20 minutes. {It means a great deal to Hubby and I  as well.}

It was Saginaw Valley Finals; the last race before regionals. He came in 6th with a time of 17:06.50, he was 2nd on his team. He was not thrilled with his time; he usually thinks he should have done better, I’m told it is a runner thing; I just don’t get it.

He did qualify for Regional this year. They will be at Delta College, Saturday the 27th, he runs at 10:30 A.M. sharp. If any family or friends want to attend, JD would be most appreciative.

If the team does well, 4 runners in the top 20, they will advance to the State finals in November. Coach tells the boys that this is the year he thinks they can do it; they have a strong Varsity team.


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