Tuesday, September 11, 2012

365/255 The danger of Spikes

JD had a XC meet this afternoon. It was hot and windy; very different from Saturday’s race. Just after the start of the race another runner tripped and did a front roll, JD was right behind him and had no option but to dive over him. The other boy’s spikes sliced up JD’s left thigh. 

I saw him get up and grab his thigh and feared that he pulled something {More PT visits ran through my head}. But he shook his head and kept running. He finished at 18:21.42. After the race he said his leg was burning and pulled up his shorts to show me the blood. We got it cleaned up and bandaged it. Thankfully it is not deep enough to require stitches, he will just have a good story to tell the girls!


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