Tuesday, September 4, 2012

365/248 1st day of school

The day is finally here! I’m dancing a little jig! It is the first day of school. JD is a Sophomore, MJ is in 8th grade, CJ is just starting Kindergarten, and Syd is continuing preschool at ESA.
They are all in different schools and their days start and end at different times. MJ and CJ will be bussed to and from school, JD will require a ride to and fro until he gets his own car and can pay for gas.
For the first time ever, Syd will ride the bus home! I’m not sure who is more upset by this; Syd or myself. It is more of fear of the unknown for me, Syd is a puzzle to me most of the time. I do not know how this will go over with her.
CJ was very quiet on the way to school and while standing in line waiting for class to start. I was thinking she would burst into tears any moment, but she surprised me by asking us if we were going to leave soon! She is sitting next to a former preschool classmate which was a great surprise for both of them. She was busy coloring her welcome to school page when we left her, she barely looked up to say goodbye. She was so ready for school.
This is the after school update: Syd did great riding the bus home, she was all smiles and was chatty about the bus {all good signs that Syd is enjoying this experience}. CJ had a great day and she claims to have “learned soooo much”; she sang us a few of her new songs. She is eager to return tomorrow.
The one problem with bussing the girls home: their busses arrive at nearly the same time! While we were getting Syd off her bus, CJ’s bus was patiently waiting. It then proceeded to pass our house! We waved frantically and yelled for the driver to stop; all the while CJ was smiling out the window at us!
JD had a great day mainly because he had very little to no homework.  He did not run at XC practice because of a sharp pain “but not in the spot it hurt last time”. He sees the PT tomorrow; he may not be running in the first meet!
MJ’s day was great though she did text me to ask me to bring her flip flops, which I could not do. Any day that she is not swamped with homework is a great day in her book.
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