Sunday, September 2, 2012

365/246 Toms look-a-likes

We had a lazy day; slept in late. While Hubby finished up some work {he is supposed to be on vacation…}
I took CJ and MJ out to grab last minute stuff for school. CJ needed ballet shoes and MJ begged me to stop in  Rue21 where she saw this really awesome cardigan thingy she wanted to buy. While she was trying stuff on I noticed these little cuties! Toms look-a-likes in dark grey. I peeked at the price and my heart sang! $16.99 and they had one left in my size! I slipped them on and they were perfect. MJ thinks they are ugly but comfy and might even steal mine if I’m not careful.
MJ’s cardigan was even clearanced to $5.00 so I let her get 2 of them!
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