Saturday, September 1, 2012

365/245 Annual Fish Fry

There were many things I want to remember about this day.
1. At the last minute I encouraged Hubby and JD to drive 3 hours north to buy JD a car. It was not all that it was advertised to be and they came back with out the car and missed the majority of the fish fry.
2. Chair pads do not make great butt cushions when rollerblading, just ask my nieces.
3. Deep fried fish always taste better when is at mom’s house and eaten with family.
4. My daughter is not the only klutz around here, some else went through the sliding screen door and broke it.
5. Balls with handles are good for more just bouncing on.
6. JD is now the second tallest member of this family; he just past my nephew by a smidgen. Look out Brent he is ready to out grow you next!
7.  The annual walk was just not the same without Hubby.
8. A Chipmunk can outsmart 3 teenagers and 1 grown man.
9. Every year it gets easier with the girls. Syd is listening so much better and she only had one fit about the pool and getting re-dressed.
10. The menfolk will gather around most anything and talk. {the boat, the wood pile, the back of a truck just to name a few}
11. I really miss the family and friends that are no longer with us and it really make me notice their absence when we get together like this.
12. I want to forever remember this smile on Grammie’s face and the sound of Little Man’s laughter when she would pop up over the boat side. This is my favorite moment this year. Love you mom!
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