Sunday, August 26, 2012

365/239 Water park Fun

We wanted to take the kids on one last hurrah before school started again. We were not the only ones to have this thought as  the water parks in Traverse City and Boyne Falls were booked full for this weekend. I thought we would have to scrap the whole idea but Hubby thought there was a water park closer…maybe even near enough to use day passed instead of an overnight stay…
Sure enough less than 30 minutes away is Soaring Eagle’s new water park. The kids had great time and would like to go every weekend of course!
The Fitz’s joined us {minus Little Miss}, Little Man even fell asleep in the lazy river! Heather snapped the only photos and even if their blurry it is better than the photos I took {0} for the day.
My only complaint is that my feet are so soar from the rough concrete floors! I will never again go without water shoes.
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