Thursday, August 23, 2012

365/236 Checking project off my list

I finished Little Missy skirted Onesies finally and got a coat of the new paint onto parts of the buffet. The fine gentleman at HD suggest I use an adhesive remover and it worked like a charm. I sanded it smooth and finally decided on  a color scheme for the unit. Pale Agua with a red interior and a dark brown top. It is a bit bold for me but it is only paint and can easily be changes if I grow tired of it or it shell shocks my dining room to much! 
JD is not able to run just yet. He is still walking with his right hip slightly lower than the left. If he were to go back to running right now he would more than likely reinjure himself again in the future as he has not fixed the cause of his abdominal stress. The PT guy has given him a list of exercises to strengthen his hip flexors and will reevaluate him on Monday.
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