Saturday, July 21, 2012

365/203 G-Town Runaround 2012

3 years ago, the Graveline family started the G-Town Runaround as a fundraiser for (their mother) the Regina M. Graveline Memorial Scholarship.
Being a hometown event and for a good cause, we’ve tried to run it whenever we can.  So far, we’re 2 of 3.
Highlights from today’s race were that JD won the race overall (18:12.46), Hubby set a new personal best in the 5K by ~30 seconds (22:19.94; 10th overall), and it was a chance for the Greer Bros Racing team to get together again (big brother Michael finished a strong 15th in 23:36.79) .
We also had a couple special guests to cheer us on.  The unofficial head of our Racing team fan club, Grandma G, and our “roadie”, Stanley, came to watch us race.  Stanley doesn’t know that he’s now our roadie, but Hubby thought he looked the part.
It was great to have them there.
We even made the local paper!
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