Monday, July 16, 2012

365/198 Mermaid tattoos

CJ had a princess birthday for a friend that she attended over the weekend. Her swag bag contained many things fit for a princess but the favorite item has been the tattoos. Today the girls wore Mermaid ones, Syd was so proud of her, she showed everyone at school when I dropped her off.
CJ wanted 2, I told her only one at a time and she argued that daddy had 2. Fair point but I did not budge. I figured that they will last longer and provide joy on more days if we space them out a bit.
Update: I not sure where the mother got these tattoos but 7 days later Syd’s looks like new. CJ tried removing hers the next day {only because she wanted another one on} but rubbed her little arm red and it stayed. They have to be removed with rubbing alcohol and will not come off with water. Pretty good temporary  tattoos.
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