Wednesday, June 27, 2012

365/179 another way to beat the heat

Today after spending all morning in the garage building the wooden bins, I thought I should treat the kids to an afternoon cool down at the spray park. The girls loved it!  JD and MJ went just to get the Slurpee that I promised Syd if she left without a fit. {rewarding her with her newest favorite treat has come in handy these last few trips taken}.
There are only so many times  I can bear hauling a kicking, stripping and screaming child to my van, all while everybody is staring at me like I’m kidnapping her. With Syd’s hearing problem and speech delays this behavior has gone on far longer that it does in most children.
She is just starting to understand the “if this.. then that” concepts. The best example I can give you is… If Syd rides her bike home instead of jumping off and running, screaming in the opposite direction when we get near home, she will get to drink a juice bag.
Progress is this area is making us very happy. As a family, we are now going out for more bike rides and walks together because I don’t have to carry her kicking and screaming all the way back home.
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