Thursday, June 21, 2012

365/172 Still ours…for another day or two?

Today was the day we were supposed to part ways with “the yellow house”.  This picture was taken just before we went to the title company’s office for the closing. 
We literally pulled into the parking lot of the title company when we received a text from our realtor that said “STOP”.  And then we got the call…
The bank has some more due diligence to do on their end before they are ready to finalize the buyer’s loan.
We’re hoping that they can get it resolved tomorrow so that we can close on Saturday…but we’re not holding our breath.
As agonizing as it was for us, sitting in the parking lot, it must have been as bad or worse for the buyer because our understanding is that she was already in the title company’s office, waiting to sign the paperwork.
To be continued…
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