Monday, June 18, 2012

365/170 What a difference 1 year makes

This girl amazes me! She had a yearly physical today and, to be honest, I DREADED it {She normally screams and will not cooperate with the doctors and nurses}.
Today was so different than last year! Syd let the nurse weigh her, measure her, take her pulse, check her heart and take her blood pressure; all with a smile on her face. The nurse and I kept waiting for the screaming to start so we moved quickly from one task to another.
When we entered the exam room, Syd plopped down on the chair and started swinging her legs like this is so normal for her! She did not like taking her clothes off and did cry about it, but I distracted her by letting her play on the my IPhone.
As soon as the doctor came in, Syd hopped up on the exam table and laid back to let the doctor check her over.{wow I was in shock at the difference from the last appointment!}
She even had to get her blood drawn to check her iron levels again and she did  not even cry for that either! I could not stop grinning. She really is Super Syd today!
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