Tuesday, June 5, 2012

365/157 Goodbye Yews

I have disliked the Yew bushes in front of our house since we moved in but never knew what I was going to replace them with {and I dislike yard work even more}.
We have removed these types of bushes at another house and took out the transmission in Hubby’s parent’s truck in the process. So the task seemed daunting.
Well today I got clipper happy and removed them to the stumps. The bushes around where the yews were planted are warped out of shape from them and may also have to be removed {at a much later time}. I have called Miss DIGG to get the area marked out in case there is gas or electrical lines running under the area. Then the digging can begin {I’m hopping Hubby feels sympathy for me and does the digging for me…}
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