Friday, April 6, 2012

365/97 Bike ride

We took the girls on a bike ride this afternoon. In hopes of preventing the screaming from Syd at the end of the ride, we drove them to the Tridge. We took the rail trail to Emerson Park, looped around the park and came back to the Tridge. It was between 2 and 2.5 miles, a lot of pedaling for their little legs. I thought we might get back to the van without Syd having a fit but nope. She saw the van and rode right past it, not ready to stop the bike ride yet. It was better than the last time, but I hope to get to point that ending a bike ride with a screaming fit is a thing of the past.
One other fun part of the ride was when a father and his little boy, about CJ’s age, joined us for the ride back to the Tridge.  The little boy had seen us riding by while they were in Emerson Park and told his Dad that he wanted to ride with the girls.  CJ was in shy mode, barely acknowledging that the little boy was with us.  However, whenever he tried to ride up next to her or pass her, she would speed up and not let that happen. I wonder where she gets that competitiveness from??
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