Saturday, March 24, 2012

365/84 New bike

We took Syd to the store to get her a new bike. She has out grown her tricycle {Little man will inherit it}. However, we were not sure how she would take to a new bike {we don’t always know just how she will react to new things}

We took her out of the shopping cart to show her the bike. She hopped on it and started pedaling. She was a bit wobbly at first, but got the pedaling part down very quickly. Thank goodness we had showed her the bike we intended on buying because she rode it straight to the checkouts.  She wasn’t getting off that bike without a fuss.

She thanked the cashier when she scanned the bike and off she went to the parking lot. She made a bee line for the van and only got off to let Dad load it up. She asked us a couple times if the bike was okay on the ride home. When we got home she could not wait to get it out of the van; she waited for the hatch door to go up and then said “bike you okay, I missed you.”


We were impressed at how well she could ride it but I have to give all the credit to ESA for this. The gym is filled with bikes and trikes for the kids to ride during gym time and Syd has had a lot of practice there.

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