Tuesday, February 7, 2012

LOAD 2/12 Day 7

Today’s prompt was “I always thought”. I went back and forth on this topic and I finally found the photo that I took of myself that I use for my profile pics. In the photo I’m a few years shy of 40 but I will be 40 this year and used it to express my feeling about this upcoming milestone.

07 andithought40wasold

Journaling reads:

When I was a teenager I thought people that were my mom’s age were OLD, I’m talking 30ish.
Ugh, their taste in music, activities and idea of fun was way too boring.  I mean come on, all they ever did was go to work, worry about what I was doing and tell me how life was going be.  
But people that were older than my mom, say people in their 40’s, were ancient. I could never image myself that old!  That is until 40 crept up on me and suddenly I really don’t feel that old.
Really, I feel just like myself, a bit wiser, a bit thicker in places, but still just me.
What was I thinking? 40 is NOT old, it is beautiful! I would not give anything to be a teenager again!

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