Friday, February 10, 2012

LOAD 2/12 Day 10

Today’s prompt is “Favorite memory”. I scrapped the first thing that came to mind!

10 i still laugh

10 detail 1

10 detail title

Journaling reads:

In 1995, we were newly married and remodeling our very first house. Rich was building a wall in our bedroom to create a closet. He wedged a block of wood at the top between two studs and then bent down to pound the bottom on the stud into alignment. You can imagine what happened next right?
The block of wood from above fell on his head and I burst into laughter. It was very comical to me; it reminded me of something that Wiley Coyote would have done. Rich was not pleased with me for finding it this funny as he was already frustrated by the project but I could not stop laughing.
To this day I cannot think of this incident and not chuckle. I will say he was not injured, as least not physically. He can laugh about it now as well but he was upset with me for laughing for quite some time.

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