Wednesday, February 15, 2012

365/46 Sick or Tired?

I got a text at 11 this morning from JD “I’m sick. Come get me” I texted back “Really? What’s wrong” and got nothing. The timing could not have been worse; I had to pick up CJ in 15 minutes.

I called her school and told them I might be late and Syd and I went off to pick up a “sick” boy. Well, the office knew nothing of a sick JD and they could not call for him over the PA because 1/2 the students were in class and the other half were on lunch and roaming free {JD was in the 1/2 roaming free}.

I walked the halls looking for my sick son with Syd in tow. We finally found him sitting in the window well in front with his friends, looking not very sick.

When I asked him what was the problem I heard a tale of contacts causing eye pain and feeling nauseated. His eye was rather red so I brought him home. He slept half the day away and was fine the rest of the night.

Come to find out he was not cleaning his contacts EVER and is lucky he did not get an infection!


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