Tuesday, February 14, 2012

365/45 Busy Busy Busy

Tonight was another busy family night.  1st there was Valentine’s dinner with Hubby at Pizza Hut.  With Hubby’s work schedule lately, dinners together have been few and far between.

After dinner, I dropped JD off at the movie with his girlfriend while Hubby stayed home with the girls.  The picture below is the scene I returned to. 

The little girls were playing with blocks at the kitchen table.  CJ would build something and Super Syd would knock it down.  All in all, they were both having fun. 

Meanwhile, Hubby was helping MJ with her math homework.  It was a puzzle, something similar to Sudoku. Hubby, being  both a math lover and stubborn, couldn’t stop until he had conquered the puzzle and helped CJ figure out how to solve these things.  I think Hubby might have a new hobby.


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