Saturday, February 4, 2012

365/35 a bit stressed

Today we got up early to get to 1770 and help our plumber friend install toilets, faucets and repair a few things.
The toilets were a breeze once we figured out the dual flush setting. The bath faucets were another matter, the master bath faucet refused to come off. Hubby tried many things the last of which cracked the sink. He was a bit frustrated about this new problem but the faucet remained on the cracked sink and Hubby had to purchase a new sink. Now the master bath has a new toilet, faucet and sink, all shiny.
After the morning at 1770 we came home and I had to get my LOAD page done and we needed to prepare to get our taxes done. My priorities were the layout and Hubby's was the tax stuff, that is until Hubby could not locate what was needed, and things got stressful for all involved. In the end, missing paper work will have me burning the phone line Monday morning and Hubby has provided me with a checklist for this year tax folder. {so this may never happen again} 
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