Wednesday, February 1, 2012

365/32 A bed for 3?

In the last almost 5 years I can count on one hand the times we have slept all night with just the two of us in bed. Most nights we start out alone but by 3 am we have at least one of the girls smack in the middle of our bed.

This last week Syd has decided that she was going to start out the night in our bed. Not sure why but try as I might she refused to go to bed in her own room. She was obviously very tired. She would fall asleep in my arms after I retrieved her screaming from her crib only to wake as I placed her back in her crib. We did this dance a couple times before I just gave in and let her come to bed with us.

Hubby does not mind this at all. I think he would have a family bed and let the both girls sleep with us every night if I would let him. I understand why, they are only this little for a very short time and they will out grow this need but I just like my space when I sleep. I am with them nearly all day and just need to be “alone” when I can to recharge. But Syd has a stronger will than I most days and I have given up the fight just so I can get some sleep.


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