Sunday, January 15, 2012

40 before 40 list

Guess what! I’m going to be 40 this year, December 26th to be exact. I still can’t believe it , I do not feel that old at all {well, okay, maybe on the days that Syd keeps me awake half the night and I just can’t function properly for half the next day}
Anyway I decided that I needed a 40 things to do before I turn 40 list so here I go… in no particular order
1 Participate in LOAD, Lay Out A Day with Lain Ehmen {maybe 2 or 3 times}
   Feb first LOAD! Pages can be seen here or on Flickr

2 Stop drinking Coke Zero daily {actually any pop daily that is}
   Feb 2nd was the first day of no zero for me.
3 Drink more water {I think this will help with #2}
4 Tackle redoing the free sideboard/buffet that I got of Free cycle that is covered in pages from nursery books {I’ll take a picture when I un-bury it from the pile in the garage and you will understand why a I need a massive list to tackle this.}
5 Take monthly “dates” with Hubby; maybe just a walk and dinner downtown
6 Take a family vacation
7 Take a long weekend adult only trip to somewhere
8 Listen to no less than 2 books per month and then DELETE them {my hard drive is getting full!}
9 Potty train Syd {this maybe out of my control-she is stubborn}
10 Start sewing again, just little project for the girls  Pinterest has sparked my interest again
11 Cook more
12 Get 1770 listed-cross my fingers it sells as well
13 Get 1820 finished and listed {this might be giving Hubby the time instead of actual work by me}
14 Take more walks/ bike rides
15 Return emails in a timelier manner {I’m getting worse at this the older I get}
16 Breathe more - yell less {the chaos that is our home will be gone before I know it the older the kids get}
17 Take photo(s) for Christmas card in Mid November instead of mid December
18 Redo yellow dresser in the living room {give it “Legs”}
19 Build something from to house my scrapbooks
20 Start and implement a “love” letter book with the kids
21 Have more family dinners even if Hubby is still at work, the kids need it
22 Sit down and read a book to the girls, at least once a day
23 devise a plan to keep my van clean {4 kids make quite a mess in one trip}
24 Take the girls to the library programs over the summer
25 Save the money to buy a Cinch binding machine. {I have wanted one since they came out but just never put money aside for it}
26 Finish my “Me the Abridged Version” book{I took the class in 2010!}
27 Create/Build large art project for the dining room wall
28 Convince Hubby to have a garage sale here this summer {during the city wide sale?}
29 Get a new Family photo taken
30 learn how to calibrate my monitor
  • A work in process for sure. Thank to my brother I have now use a Huey but it still is hit or miss on my screen.
31 Take MJ to the moves at least 3 times {it would be great Q-time for us}
32 Start game night once a month with the older kids
33 Figure out a better way to style the picture ledge in the living room
34 Finish the girls play structure
35 work with a dermatologist to rid myself of the breakouts {nobody wants wrinkles and acne @ 40 I’ll take the wrinkle but the acne has to go!}
  • Visited the Dermatologist in Late January and got Rx’s we will see how they work.
36 Figure out a plan for our recycling, I’m tired of see the large bin overflowing in week 2 of our 4 week rotation}
37 organize the kitchen cupboards
38 Get a spider plant to survive {overcome my black thumb}

39 learn patience, stop letting the little things frustrate me
40. Have a cake with 40 candles to blow out for my birthday… even if I have to bake it myself!

Ha Ha Ha

I will stick a link in the sidebar for quick access to this list if you want to check my progress in the next 11 months. I will be updating the list and adding pictures. {I love to check things off}

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