Tuesday, January 31, 2012

365/31 Kindergarten bound

It is official, CJ will be an all day kindergartener come September. We had some concerns about whether we should send her to a Young fives program instead of Kindergarten {Actually Hubby was more on the fence than I}.

In our county young fives is only in private schools unlike our old county which provided it free to the public. I was not eager to shell out more money for private school for another year.

After the informational meeting tonight we talked with one of the the kindergarten teachers and she thinks that waiting the extra year will not help her. Might as well get her in there and start learning. If she needs to she could always repeat kindergarten.

Our biggest concern is that Syd seems to know more alphabet than CJ. We don’t want CJ to be behind the majority of her class. But the teacher assured us that she gets kids that don’t know their alphabet to kids that can read on day one and everything in between. “We are here to teach so let us teach her.”


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