Wednesday, January 18, 2012

365/18 Perpetual Line journals

For Christmas I put together perpetual line journals for JD and MJ. The concept is you write one line each day about your day for the whole year and then you start all over again the next year and the next. Before you know it you will be able to see what you did on January 18 for the last few years.

I used 4x6 index cards, they have 14 lines; that is 14 years worth of journaling. That is 2012-2026! JD will be 30 and MJ will be 28. I can only imagine  how great it will be for them to look back on their teens and twenty with this line journal. Their spouses and children will also enjoy this little peak into their lives. {this is if they keep up with them-so far so good}



I was so excited about their journals that on January 1st I decided that I would also start one for myself. I can’t wait for the lines to start filling up and being able to see each day what I did or felt in years past.

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