Thursday, January 12, 2012

365/12 the notes I find

JD has been leaving his clothing on the floor in the bathroom since we moved here. Every morning I would walk in and pick them up and toss them in front of his door. Everyday after school I would ask him not to leave his clothes in the bathroom.

Well I finally got tired of not getting results so for a month I took his clothes that he left on the bathroom floor and hid them away in a drawer.

He never missed them, never asked about them; I got nothing from him. It was rather disappointing. So I asked him if he was still leaving clothes on the bathroom floor every morning. He looked at me and said “I think so, why.” I just smiled and he asked “where are they going.” I told him the I had been keeping them and he suddenly was missing this shirt and that pair of shorts.

I gave him back this huge pile of dirty clothes and told him “I do not want you to leave your dirty clothes on the bathroom floor anymore. The next time I find them there I will throw them away.”

He cleaned up after himself the whole next week… until yesterday morning. I found his clothes on the floor again after he left for school. {I just could not throw them away but he did not have to know that}

When he arrived home I asked him if he had been taking care of his clothes in the mornings. He got a bit panicked and ran to fetch them. But I had removed them and stuffed them under his bed. He paced around huffing and puffing about me not having the right to throw his clothes away, it was his favorite shirt and on and on he ranted.

After 30 minutes of this I could take no more and showed him where they were. I told him this was the last warning next time they would be thrown away.

I found this note on the bathroom floor this morning…


Smarty pants!

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