Wednesday, November 30, 2011

365/334 never far from the electronics

JD does not stray far from something electronic these days. Most of the time he is playing PSP, watching TV and texting {his Laptop is off limits until Christmas because of a back talking issue he had; he would have lost more things if he had not been already grounded from them at the time.}

Being a teen now a days is a bit different than when I was his age. I think the TV was the biggest problem in my day and maybe the phone….


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

365/333 First snow

Tonight I was shocked when CJ looked out the window and screamed “It snowed!” I had closed all the drapes about 4 pm and had not looked outside in hours.

JD is hoping that they cancel school tomorrow of course but we will have to wait and see just how nasty it gets by morning.

I thought the snow covered trees were pretty.


Monday, November 28, 2011

365/332 Pink & Sparkly

CJ went to the doctors today instead of school.  The Doctor gave her an antibiotic for bronchitis. CJ’s cough should be gone within 24 to 48 hours we were told.  She can return to school on Wednesday if all goes as planned.

While we were out I decided to fulfill one of her Christmas wishes. She wanted a tree of her very own like MJ’s. I let her pick between 2 trees; a green one and a white one. She choose the 4ft white one with multi colored lights. She also decided that she had to have all pink and sparkly ornaments only {no surprise there}.

She could barely wait to get home to decorate it. She was thrilled with the tree all decorated and took everyone as they came home from work and school up to her room to show it off. She could not stop smiling, she even fell asleep looking at it tonight.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

365/331 All a wonder

Today we  are in the process of putting up some of our Christmas decorations, painting trim and a picture ledge not to mention celebrating the fact that CJ has had no fever for more than 12 hours now! {It is complete chaos in our house!}

Syd had a great night sleep last night and is almost 90% back to normal. CJ is acting completely normal and I think we have passed the worst of whatever it was she had.

Syd was in awe of the lights on the tree; she likes to stand real close and just stare at the lights. The fascination will fade soon and then she will be touching the ornaments. The joys of toddlers

Now back to painting for me…..


Saturday, November 26, 2011

365/330 After 6 hours at Urgent Care and ER…

They have ruled out pneumonia, RSV, and influenza; but CJ still has a fever {day 4 with a fever had me worried}. The Docs think it is just a common virus that will run its course. They did find a heart murmur {fevers can  make them more pronounced, who knew}. We have instructions to bring her back if she develops a rash anywhere, keep treating the fever with Motrin/Tylenol as needed, and see her primary doctor Monday.

The good news is Syd is feeling a bit better; she is still  stuffed up, but is on the mend.


Friday, November 25, 2011

365/329 Our Black Friday

Due to the girls being sick and the fact we could not find a single thing we needed to go out for {except milk and Coke Zero}, we spent today shredding old paper work.

After going through 8 boxes of files, we are only left with 3 boxes of files that we thought we should keep. We still had households bills from 2001; that was 4 phone companies and 3 houses ago {Hubby has a little bit of his father in him}!

We ended with 5 large bags of shredded paper, 3 boxes of recyclable paper and more than enough empty folders to open an office supply store.

Now we just have to take this stuff to the recycling center….. Hubby wishes he knew how to turn all this recycled paper into insulation so we could add it to our attic Smile


CJ is still running a temp of 103 but Syd seems to be on the mend a bit. If CJ is still feverish in the morning we are going back to Urgent Care.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

365/328 Happy Thanksgiving to one and all

We had to spent Thanksgiving as a split family. Hubby stayed home with the sick girls and I took the older kids to my moms for a Thanksgiving feast.

Syd’s cold got worse over last night and CJ is still sporting a 103.0 fever.

I missed having the whole family together today but there was nothing else we could do; the girls were just too sick to take anywhere today. I‘m grateful that Hubby made it possible for me to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Let’s hope everyone is healthy at Christmas time…


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

365/327 The tradition

Last night was a loooonger night than expected. Not only is Syd sick with a cold, CJ woke us up at 2:30 am with a 103.0 fever and a headache. This might just blow our Thanksgiving plans for sure….

MJ and I did sneak away as planned to help Grammie fix the stuffing and get it in the bird. MJ was eager to get her hands into the stuffing but the eggs caused her to hesitate because of their gooeyness. I had to do the “dirty work”; maybe next year MJ will  get over the queasiness.


After we got back from Grammie’s  I did take CJ to the Urgent Care in hopes to put a name to this fever she has. The fever is less than 24 hours old now and they tell me it could be anything, but it is 90% chance it just a common virus and could be gone within 24-48 hours. It will more than likely keep her home on Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

365/326 Bitten by the cold bug

Syd has come down with a nasty cold. She has been sneezing up quite a mess. I think she will start her Thanksgiving break a day early; I will keep her home tomorrow. Her poor little nose and lip look sore.  We are in for a long night for sure.


Monday, November 21, 2011

365/325 Upgrade in the seating

CJ has been upgraded to a swanky booster seat thanks to a trade with Aunt Heather. CJ is super excited that she can unbuckle herself; that part does not thrill me yet. I hope she can buckle herself soon but for now she is just enjoying the new seat and feeling like a “Big Girl”.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

365/324 A tunnel and a finished project

Hubby has been in one of his “tunnels” this last week {a tunnel is my term for when he gets completely focused on one activity…to the exclusion of all others}.  He put his car up for sale and so he is searching for another diesel. He has had some semi-serious offers already and every nibble sends him back to the pc to search for a replacement.  Hubby is, by nature, a compulsive person when it comes to researching things.  He can spend hours checking and comparing the most minute details on a potential purchase, whether the item costs $100 or $10,000.

I did pull him away from his eBay car searching long enough to finish installing the quarter round. Now I just need to caulk and paint it. I would love to get the tree up next weekend but this will have to be first. Let’s hope everyone stays healthy so I can paint…. 


Saturday, November 19, 2011

365/323 Scaredy dog

This afternoon we installed some of the quarter round to finally finish off the flooring project. The air nailer scares Pepper and she hid in JD’s room under piles of clothes. It got her so worked up she had an upset tummy. Poor girl, I hate to tell her we have more to do tomorrow.


Friday, November 18, 2011

365/322 Just a half inch or so to go

JD has grown 4 inches since July this year! He has passed me by an inch and is creeping ever so close to passing Hubby. It won’t be long now, JD will be the tallest in the house very soon.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

365/321 When a box is not a box

Give a box to a child and it will become more than a box. Today it is a table, the other day it was a car and tomorrow it will be something else. That is the joy of a child’s imagination. A box is what you make of it.


I’m about 90% back to normal, just a sore throat lingers, in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

365/320 The peak of sickness

Everyday this week I have told myself that it can’t get any worse and yet every day I have felt worse than the day before.

Today I woke up feeling okay but by the time the older kids got home from school I was ready for a nap and freezing {probable feverish too but I did not take my temp}.

After picking up Syd from school we crashed on the couch together. I can only hope that tomorrow truly will be a better day for me. I would love to be able to swallow without pain really soon.

I am not at 100% yet. I don't think it will be long but wow this thing has knocked me for a loop. you never give much thought to swallowing until you can't to it without pain.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

365/319 School project completed

CJ’s class is putting together a “quilt” that is all about their families. With my being sick, I was not about to search for photos, crop and glue them down. So I gathered up usable pictures, took a few that were missing, and then CJ and I “designed” a Brady Bunch style family photo.

CJ was so proud that she chose the 2 different pink backgrounds after Hubby looked over our shoulders and told her how good the background looked.


I have wanted to do this as a scrapbook Layout for years and when I’m feeling better I just may do that.

brady bunch look a like PINK copy

Monday, November 14, 2011

365/318 This is why I scrap

Confession: This photo was taken yesterday, I’m barely functioning today {throat is raw, head is pounding and my body is so sore} I pretty much did the basic tasks today and let the rest go.
The kids love to see what I bring home from the crops. They all gather around the book and get excited when they see a page about them. Syd loves to point out things she recognizes like a plate of mac and cheese, bubble blowers and her siblings. I do enjoy their excitement of the scrapbook pages I create for them. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

365/317 The scrappin’ girls

Myself, Heather, Lucy, Maria, and Jaquie. We parted ways today after 3 days of chatting, laughing and getting some scrapbooking done. Thanks ladies for being part of my much needed escape. The next escape is in the spring at Boyne, a mere 5 months and 20 days from now (not that I’m counting down the days already)Smile.


I think I picked up a virus {cold or Flu not sure which} while away. I got home and crashed with a head and body aches. But I had company:


I guess I was missed.

Here are the pages I completed {just 6 but I got caught up on my Project 365 album that I was way way behind in; last journaling was April'ish} I think my scrapping mojo was still on hiatus; since doing MotherLOAD in September I have not wanted to scrap at all so I’m lucky to have done 6 pages. {I’m counting the two page spread as 2 pages, cheating I know, but it makes me feel more productive.}

Six milesi blinked and suddenly you are a young ladyhe would have loved to know youhe didn't see that comingfuture reporter Cj GreerOut like a light just not at night Doubleout like a light right sideout like a light left side

Saturday, November 12, 2011

365/316 Race day & relaxation

At home: For the guys in our house, today mirrored the story of the tortoise and hare for their 1/2 marathon. JD took off fast but could not sustain his speed; Hubby and Uncle Michael passed him in the last couple of miles.  JD still ran well considering this was the longest distance has ever ran.  He probably could have helped his performance by preparing a little more {practice runs at longer distances} but he figured that he just came off XC season and was in top physical shape.

He did beat his teacher by 8 minutes; she is the reason that he ran this race in the first place. Any student that ran and beat her would get extra credit points.  That’s a teacher that inspires kids!

In Gaylord: I had a long day of scrapping and having fun with my friends. Heather got to play Plinko for a prize. After the wi-fi was fixed, I was able to Skype with the family. Syd kept telling me “mamma miss you”.  She even blew me a kiss. A very good day indeed!


Friday, November 11, 2011

365/315 11.11.11

Even though I was not at home most of the day today {I left in the morning for a weekend crop in Gaylord} I had Hubby snap photos of what they did on 11.11.11.

It is just everyday life here; the girls playing in a box together, a special dinner of Pizza Hut pasta for the racers {JD & Hubby are running a half marathon tomorrow}, and Hubby catching up on Fantasy Football & Facebook.

If I had remembered to take a photo of what I was doing you would have seen me laughing with friends, eating and scrapbooking {in that order}.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

365/314 what surprise

This little girl recognizes most of her letters! I sat there and listened as she pointed and said “s, n, w, x, b, h, p” and many more!  If I wear a shirt with words on it she will sit on my lap point out the letters she knows. What a little smarty pants.

Moving to this new pre-school class has been a great thing for her. She has yet to speak to the teacher {typical Syd M.O.} but talks to herself while playing in the classroom. She will be moving to this class permanently after Thanksgiving, they have moved up the date because she is doing so well with the transition.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

365/313 Varsity Letter

High School seems to fit JD. Middle school was not the easiest for him, moving to a new school in the 8th grade was hard for him. But over the summer he found his place on the High School XC team and started setting goals. I can’t thank the team and coaches enough for how the program is run and how they took him in and made him feel welcomed.

Tonight was the XC awards were handed out and JD was awarded the ever coveted Varsity letter. He was the only freshman to earn a letter this season and he was geeked about it. We are proud of him and happy that he achieved his goal.

He has set his sights on earning varsity awards for XC and track all 4 years of High school. I think he will do that if he keeps his focus.


As soon as he earned 2 varsity points back in October I  started researching what I thought would be his Christmas gift this year, a varsity jacket. Surprisingly he does not want a varsity jacket this year, which at $280 I can’t say I’m sad about that right now. He wants to wait until he gets a bit older and larger so it will fit him longer. Sometimes he can shock me with is practical thinking.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

365/312 what a surprise

Today while Little Man was hanging out with us JD asked if he could feed him. I was shocked that he wanted to do this, I don’t recall him having any interest in feeding CJ or Syd when they were this age.

He even took Little Man out of his car seat without being asked to. I’m not sure what has gotten into JD but he was eager to help me with his cousin today. Maybe I should just say thank and leave it at that.


I got a new do this evening... It is shorter than I expected it to be but it is growing on me {my hair was about 2-3 inches past my shoulders} I don’t get to excited about hair cuts anymore I figure it is just hair and it will grow back out again. I do feel lighter and bouncier now.

new cut 11022011

Monday, November 7, 2011

365/311 she might be bribable now

This last weekend Syd has taken an interest in Dum Dum suckers! This kid has had NO interest in candy ever{expect a slight like for Smarties occasionally}.

I had to laugh when the speech therapist asked me over the summer what she could reward Syd with during their sessions and I drew a blank. Syd is not the typical kid that will work for candy or cookies; she just had no desire for sweets.

Well now there might be a opportunity to bribe/reward  her. She has asked for a sucker the last three days and though she does not love them yet she is really trying to. She has come a long way in a short time; on Friday she was just sticking her tongue out and licking it but today she is putting the whole sucker in her mouth and making a big mess of herself.


I’m undecided as too whether I am for this change or against it. I guess I’m just concerned that other sweet things will become desirable to her. She does not eat many food as it is but at least the ones she eats are not completely non-nutritional in value.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

365/310 Almost self service

In the last few months Syd has taken to bringing the gallon of milk and a sippy to me when  she wants a drink. Surprisingly if is if less than half full she can lift it out of the door.  I laughed the first time she did it and Hubby was shocked that she did it. She was pretty proud of herself too.

I have started having her return it after I fill the sippy. I figured if she got it out she can get it back in the fridge. Hubby didn’t think she would be able to put it back but sure enough she does.

I wonder how long before she’ll figure out how to take the lids off the sippy and the milk and make a big mess….


Saturday, November 5, 2011

365/309 Left out

CJ is feeling just bit left out this evening. MJ is “babysitting” the neighbor girl {8yrs old} and they are hanging in MJ’s room right now. It is bit more than CJ can stand. She is just waiting outside the door for them to come out so she can tag along. Poor thing, it is rough being the younger sister sometimes.


Friday, November 4, 2011

365/308 this just might explain it…

Friday Afternoon and this is what is going on in our house: MJ is studying for a quiz on Monday and JD is playing a game on his computer while waiting for a text response for someone.

Could this be an explanation of the differences in their grades?  Just maybe.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

365/307 she loves the zerbert

Syd was becoming pouty this afternoon while I was preparing dinner and putting her head on the table. Thankfully Hubby arrived home in time to save us from a full on fuss. He took the opportunity to sneak up on her and give her a zerbert on the back of the neck. It chased the pout away and sent her into giggles.

She would put her head back down and close her eyes and wait for the zerbert again. If he was too slow she would raise her head and make sure he was still there. We love to hear her giggle!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

365/306 Safety first

This evening Hubby asked CJ if she wanted to go out with him while he adjusted my van door. Well, of course she did, but first she had to find her shoes, socks and sweatshirt. By the time she found and put on all those things, he was back in already.

She was so disappointed that she could not go outside with him and fussed a bit. We all know that these girls have daddy wrapped around their finger; he agreed to take her for a small walk to make up for it.

I told them it was too dark to walk on the road but dad had a plan. She wore his reflective vest and he wore his new reflective jacket. Problem solved!


Check out Syd; she has been saying “Cheese!” and tilting her head lately whenever she sees me with the camera. Too cute!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

365/305 1st School photo

I got Syd’s school picture yesterday. This was the first school pictures for her. I really was not expecting a great smile from her but I got more than a great smile!

A few weeks ago when she got them taken, the teacher and a Para were trying hard to get all the kids to smile and look in the right direction for the photographer. They were using a water bottle to delight the kids and it worked on every kid I saw them photograph. {did I ever tell you how GREAT the staff at ESA is??}

When it was Syd’s turn, she was antsy and kept trying to look the wrong direction. When her teacher showed her the water bottle she got excited and smiled. Just when the photo was snapped she winked at the teacher, something she does often.

The photographer said “I’ll get you one of those, mom, it is the cutest thing” .

I assumed I would get a single picture of Syd winking but NO they sent me a full package for free of the winking shot plus a full package of the smiling shot. Thank you so much Lifetouch!


Everyone at the school says the winking shot is “so Syd” and that is the one I should hang on my wall. I think they both will get hung. What a cutie! 

It’s been so good to see her personality really develop as she becomes more and more a part of the rest of the world.

We can never say it enough – thank you ESA!!

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