Sunday, July 31, 2011

I am Thankful Week 31

week 31

365/212 Her favorite toy right now

A yellow balloon. She has played with it for days now. She likes to toss it at someone and tap it back and forth with you. This morning I could not get her to drop it while she ate her yogurt.

The simple things in life are sometimes the best.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

365/211 Play dough lids

That is all Syd wanted to play with; the lids. She whined and whined until I got the play dough down for her to play with and all she wanted was the lids. To each her own.  MJ and CJ enjoyed the dough though.


Friday, July 29, 2011

365/210 Oh the drama of a tween girl

Hubby and I wanted a quiet evening, just the two of us watching a movie in the basement {The Time Traveler’s Wife}. That does not seem like a lot to ask for. The girls were tucked in bed and JD and MJ were planning on watching TV in the living room.

We were not even 15 minutes into the movie and we had to stop it 3 times to stop the squabbling between JD and MJ.  Hubby sent them to their room for the night. {it was about 9:30}

After MJ yelled long enough without us responding, JD felt he should let us know that MJ was threatening to wet her pants if we didn’t let her use the bathroom. {We sent her to her room, not locked her in it}

After that crisis was resolved, she was complaining about being hungry. We had a late dinner and then had ice cream, so we thought she could wait until breakfast. That did not go over well with her.

Finally, she was quiet enough to fall asleep. We finished our movie and came up for bed. I grabbed our fan and hauled it upstairs before I found this note.

I am starving – Meg


The poor girl.  She did manage to survive the entire night without additional food and without needing to be hospitalized for malnutrition.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

365/209 15 years ago….

We became a family of 3! I just can’t believe we have been parents for 15 years. Our first born is nearly a man now.  In his mind, he is already…except for the full-time job, income to support himself, driver’s license, etc.

Happy Birthday JD, we love you very much!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

365/208 A good sport

I found  instructions to make an animate gif file and grabbed my camera. I yelled “I need an action model, meet me outside” and of course my ever eager son stepped up to the challenge. We took over 100 shots to get a sequence of photos I thought would work. And this my first try:


I used a tri-pod and the sport action continuous shoot mode. There was a bit of a breeze and the trees were blowing. I need to improve on the quality of the picture a bit but I think it was a great first attempt.

This will be the photo to go into the book animations don’t print that wellSmile


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

365/207 DQ on the 26th of every month

On the 26th of the month this year DQ sells their small blizzard for $1.26 {they are normally 3.62} to celebrate 26 years in business. Hubby can not resist ice cream and if it is a great deal he is all over that!

So we find ourselves at the local DQ on the 26th of every month {not to mention we visit through out the month as well}


Monday, July 25, 2011

365/206 Little ballerina

Last week Syd had a second appointment with the speech therapist and it was a lot better; she only cried for the first 5 minutes. I figured the crying would go on for many many session but today she took the therapist’s hand and walked out of the waiting room with her without a single tear. What a trooper!

When we returned home Aunt Heather had left a package for CJ; and old dance costume. CJ tried it on for a brief minute {the sequins on the neck made her itch-the same complaint I hear from MJ at every dance recital a can remember} Syd fell head over heels for this outfit. She wore most of the evening. I guess daddy’s little brutus has a very girly side as well.


Thank you Aunt Heather for making my girls smile.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I’m thankful Week 30

week 30

365/205 The perfect day for a swim

After yesterday’s boring day for the kids we decided to pack up and go to Higgins Lake. It was a bit chilly but that did not stop the kids from getting right in.

We all enjoyed the cooler weather; even the threat of  a scattered thunderstorms did not deter us.  Syd had such a good time that it was hard for her to leave and we had to carry her to the van screaming when we were ready to leave.



But Little Man had a great nap while we dodged a few sea gulls {poor Heather} and tried to keep sand out of our towels.

Thank you, Fitz family, for sharing our little water adventure.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

365/204 While Mom & Dad work…

the kids play. We loaded everyone up and did some work at the pole barn house this afternoon. It is an adventure for the girls and pure boredom for the older kids. The poor kids summer has been a drag.

We did not get a whole lot accomplished; hung a ceiling fan, install some doorknobs, and attempted to install a dishwasher. {The dishwasher will need to go back, it was not all there it seems.} But every little bit of work helps.

I hope we will soon have a buyer so we can start focusing our time and $$ our “new” home.


Friday, July 22, 2011

365/203 Paper route via bike power

JD refused to finish some yard work I asked to do {clean up the clippings from trimming the bushes} That chore was in the morning and he had until 1ish to complete it to catch a ride to his paper route in the van.

He chose not to finish it and road over on his bike. He made good time; 2 hours there and back. I wonder if this will be the way he chooses from here on out {though Sunday will be a bit more difficult on a bike}

I often wonder what he is thinking; he takes a task that should take 30 minutes and drags it out for most of the day spitting and spurting the whole time. Does raising a teen get any easier?


Thursday, July 21, 2011

365/202 The Sign for Backpack

Syd is back in the swing of school just in time for a week breakSad smile  Her summer school will be off next week and this will be hard for her to understand.

Everyday she starts signing “backpack” about an hour before we have to leave. She just can't wait to get going.

I’m with her though, school is great for her and I will also miss her going next week.  But before we know it it will be September and they all will be going back to school. {I’m doing a little dance at that thought}


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

365/201 A muggy day for play

We have had such a heat wave this week. The kids have been reluctant to go out, even for their paper routes. Our house is not much better, our AC seems to run non-stop.  I will hate to see our Electric bill.

When a friend called and asked if her son could hang out with the kids while she worked late; I felt bad for him. {I would have chosen to be bored but with AC  than be in the heat of our house.}

Instead, they walked to 7-11 for Slurpies and then played outside.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

365/200 What a day

Today was Syd’s 1st speech therapy appointment at the hospital. It was a 30 minute session and she screamed for all 30 minutes.

I felt bad for the therapist; everything she tried fell flat as Syd watched herself in the mirror and cried. I know it will get better; Syd just needs to get comfortable with the new therapist. I hope she has the patience of a saint.


Syd was pretty exhausted after the long day and opted to watch TV from the back of the couch.  She’s a cutie even when she’s had a rough day Smile

Monday, July 18, 2011

365/199 Book lover

CJ is becoming quite the book lover. She carries books around with her most everywhere. She is always holding up books across the room from me and asking “What is this one called?”

I often find her at the dining room table flipping through a chapter book that she got from her cousin Lu. {surprisingly I don’t have a picture of this} She may not be reading the book but it looks convincing to anyone that glances her way.

I made the mistake of asking her what she was doing the other day when I caught her looking at the chapter book. She gave the duh look and said “I’m reading my book that Lu gave me!”… I should have known.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I did with my creative time today

I cut maps of the places we have lived into  heart shapes, glued them to vellum and glued the vellum to a print out of the “Dream” dictionary definition.

I do wish my maps were more colorful but I am satisfied with it. It is now hanging on our gallery wall.  

Anywhere you are is home to me

Giving credit where credit is do: inspiration came from here {I loved the burlap in her project but my frame was only 8x10}. The background paper is a download from here. The maps came from Google maps.

I am Thankful Week 29

week 29

365/198 sound asleep

One minute she was looking at a book, and the next she was sound asleep {in the most uncomfortable position}. When she is tired, there is just no stopping her from snoozing where ever she is.

The poor girl was up too early this morning and I’m not surprised that today was a napping day for her.


365/197 one long afternoon

We started our ceiling fan project about 4 in the afternoon and I got to use the remote to turn it on around midnight.

It took a trip to Home Depot for supplies {and a side trip to Wal-Mart for milk to keep the kids happy}, a trip to Lowes to get a “better” electrical box and then another trip to Home Depot just before they closed to get the “right” box. And let’s not forget the 2 Hersey bars to give us the energy to finish.

We first had to take the “lighting panels” and make them smaller so we could at least feel the air from the soon to be installed ceiling fan.  {Each panel is a piece of drywall with a recessed can light in it; the panel is placed between two beams. Ingenious design but not quite the fashion any more.}

Hubby had to use the electrical wire from the old whole house fan that the spare switch in our room went to. Then he had to tie that into new wire run out to the fan.  Because we  intend to rip  the paneling down to insulate the room better {who knows when}, we just stapled it to the outside of the paneling for now. {it is not pretty but very functional for now}


For the first time in months we got to sleep without the loud box fan in the window, what an improvement!

Hubby just hopes that we see the A/C compressor come on a lot less now that we have ceiling fans in each room to move the air around.

Friday, July 15, 2011

365/196 The 2nd of 3 are up and running

Wow the ceiling fans are making a huge difference in the girl’s rooms. They are spinning blissful cool air around the room and lets not forget that the light these put off is 100% better than the dinky light that were there before.

Okay the 2 easy ones are done now we have ours to tackle, maybe this weekend…..


Thursday, July 14, 2011

365/195 Little paper girl

CJ was being extra helpful today. She loves to visit with the lady that drops off the papers. The paper delivery lady saves the lightest bundle for her to carry in. CJ just beams when she is handed the bundle to carry.

What a helpful little girl we have.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

365/194 she didn’t cry today

After a week and half back at summer school, Syd didn’t cry today. Yeah!!!! She has screamed and cried every time I dropped her off since the 5th.  It breaks my heart every time. I know she is safe, well cared for, and that she stops crying soon after I’m gone, but it still is hard to leave her.

I just love seeing that smile.  What a happy girl she is!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

365/193 Not a little girl anymore

Today MJ had her picture taken at Warner Photography. Her orthodontist gave her a certificate  for a photo shoot at the completion of her treatment.  She got her hair done, applied a little make up and BAM she looked like a young woman.

Hubby and I could not get over how much older she looked. I told her she was not allowed to wear her hair like this anymore.  She can only wear pig tails.

Where has the time gone… wasn’t she just a little tike just moments before…


Monday, July 11, 2011

365/192 I did not think it would fit (VW’s rule!)

Hubby had a 10% off coupon for The Home Depot that he couldn’t let go to waste.  So, we went on a shopping trip to pick up some home project essentials.   I was bit skeptical when we were loading up our shopping cart with 3 ceiling fans {for the girls’ rooms and our room} and a dishwasher {for the pole barn house.} Hubby said it would all fit.

Indeed it did, with a bit of room to spare.  Better not let Hubby know that his car has room for even more home improvement stuff or next time he might throw in some tools.

In Hubby’s words, “VW’s rule – especially diesels”.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

I am Thankful Week 28

week 28

365/191 Too hot to stay home

We have been in a short heat wave. It might just be our house and it lack of adequate insulation but it has been a bit sticky around here. While Hubby worked at the pole barn house I took the girls to the spray park for a bit of cooling down.

MJ was a good sport and ventured in with the girls while I stayed dry and took photos.  


Saturday, July 9, 2011

365/190 A good day for ice cream

In hubby’s opinion, there really isn’t a bad day for ice cream Smile

We had an open house in G-town this afternoon.  Afterward, we went to Grandma G’s house to visit with her and hubby’s sister.

Hubby is a firm believer of the philosophy of “Skip dinner, eat at the Corner House” so we went with Grandma and Sis for ice cream.

We don’t see our family often enough so it makes these visits extra special.  The girls certainly love their Grandma and CJ has a special bond with Aunt Carol that’s hard to miss.  They are like two peas in a pod.  It was so cute to see them walk in together, holding hands along the way.

Thank you ladies for being such good role models for our little girls.


Friday, July 8, 2011

365/189 Working Vacation time

Hubby took vacation this week to work on our pole barn house. Since having the girls 4 years ago, we have not spent many hours working on this place. And now that we moved 45 minutes away, it is even harder to make time (and have the ambition) to go up and work on it.

But this week he spent long hours working on siding and electrical and made some good progress.

Hopefully, within a few more weeks, it should be ready to get an official occupancy permit.  That doesn’t mean it will be all done.  There are still things like finish trim, concrete driveway, and having a real yard that won’t be done by then.  But it should be finished enough to be livable according to the framing, electrical, and plumbing inspectors.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

365/188 3rd hair cut of the summer

This afternoon JD got his 3rd haircut since school got out {4 weeks ago}. He had to work up to the short do.

He told me every time he walked into the salon that this time he was “going to get it short this time I promise.” I ask him if he knew what short hair looked like the last two times. His response was “it is shorter”

I am used to this little routine of his.  He likes his hair short only AFTER he gets it cut short. Once he lets it get longer it becomes a type of security for him and he just can’t get more than a few snips off at a time.

I love it short he looks so handsome with short hair but what do I know; I’m just his mother.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

365/187 The Dirty Jobs

JD has been complaining about the chores he has been assigned for the last few years: load dishwasher and take out the garbage. The “dirty jobs.” The “clean jobs”: unloading and bringing in the empty trash cans has been MJ’s chores.

He has been asking for a swap for awhile now and I have been resistant. MJ is a been kind of a icky-phobe lately. But in all fairness I have decided to have them switch monthly. She was not thrilled and even whined a bit {a lot actually, no surprise there}.

This was the first garbage day since the switch. Notice the rubber gloves she is wearing to take out the trash can. That is my icky-phobe daughterSmile


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

365/186 back to school

Today Syd started summer school. She was thrilled when I  took her back pack off the hook and put it on her. All the excitement died when we got to school though. She cried when I left her but was fine soon after.

I have been looking forward to this day for the last three weeks. She thrives at school and now with her Baha I’m hoping things will start clicking into place for Syd.


Monday, July 4, 2011

365/185 Happy 4th

We had a slow and lazy day. After 3 nights of visiting family and friends and staying up late, we chose to stay home, have a bon fire and watch fireworks from our yard.  A welcome change from all the activity of this weekend.

Syd was so tuckered out that she didn’t make it for the fireworks show that we had in the back yard or to watch the local fireworks we saw from our front yard.

We liked the 0 minute commute time of watching the fireworks from the front yard.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

I am Thankful Week 27

week 27

365/184 What fun

We spent the afternoon at a cookout with friends. Thankfully, it was cooler that yesterday and they had a huge shade tree which made it even more comfortable to be outside.

The kids enjoyed the blowup water slide. Syd stayed in her suit all day and cried when it was time to get dry and dressed.

We all had a great time; can’t wait for the next get together.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

365/183 A great photo

I give my Mom a hard time for not smiling when I take her photo. Today she smiled, maybe it had to do with Little Man snuggling with her. This photo will make it onto our gallery wall for sure {thanks Mom}.


We spent the evening at Grammies eating and hangin’ out. We watched fireworks and then ate some more. We did take a group walk between all the eating so that should counter some of the calories we consumed {maybe we should have went running like Hubby did…}

Friday, July 1, 2011

365/182 My new seat

This is my new view from the back seat.  With JD trying to get his hours of driving in, I think I will see this spot more and more. All I can say is,  the AC is not as cold as it is in the front seat.


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