Saturday, April 30, 2011

The pages completed

I completed 12 pages {or mostly completed 12 pages, Missing a photo on one and some embellishments on so others}

big girlfashionistaFirst recipegiven you wingsGotta remember 1Gotta remember 2hungry foodJ first jobLovem first jobmost zerbertablewhat make jake this mad 1what make jake this mad 2why you do this

365/120 The Scrappers

Here we are: Maria, Me, Lucy, Jacquie, and Nancy. The five of us shared a loft room, a corner spot in the cooler room and many laughs. Thanks ladies for sharing my weekend of bliss!

Maria and Lucy had to leave tonight but the rest of us will leave in the morning after breakfast.


It was a great weekend and I look forward to doing this again next year. We need to plan a fall crop girls.

Tomorrow is back to reality and a birthday girl {CJ is turning 4!}



Friday, April 29, 2011

365/119 Not just scrapbooking

We stayed up too late last night but that is to expected here. I can not say I got a lot of scrapbooking done but we did get set up and visit much.

Since last year the resort added a twin zip line. Just before dinner they offered discount coupons to the scrappers for the zip line. Maria wanted to go and nobody was jumping at the chance to go with her. She begged me to do with her {she can be persistent}. I ‘m not crazy for heights but this zip line is not over water. {The ones over water  scare me to death.} I gave in and had blast.

This first time down I was surprised at how relaxed I felt. {I’m the one in navy with my arms out} Maria laughed when she saw the photo; she is the one that wanted to go on the zip line and she looks like she is holding on for dear life.


The second time down we both went upside down. I never thought I would do that! It was great fun.

Now back to scrapping!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

365/118 Day 1 of Bliss

After packing up Hubby’s car with my supplies I headed out at 7 am to meet with friends for the long drive to Boyne Highlands.

We arrived an hour before the doors opened and waited in line with many many other ladies.  {We are just behind the gray car.}  It was chilly. We all are hoping it warms up soon. But even it does not, it is going to be a great weekend for sure!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

365/117 Last day with the Intenso

After find the best spot to place the Baha processor  to reduce the feedback squeals {the flattest  spot on her head} She has not minded wearing all day!

Her speech therapist is thrilled with Syd’s response to this unit. I can’t help but be optimistic that once we figure out which unit is the best for her talking will not be far behind for Syd.

And did you see she it piggy tails yet again! Combing and putting her hair up has become much easier. Thanks to ESA her tolerance for most things has improve greatly


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

365/116 Not sleepy and Baha News

Look who is still awake at 10:30! She has been catching naps while we are out waiting for the kids on the paper routes so I’m not surprised.


An update on the Baha loaner:

Yesterday she wore the Baha for 7.5 hours and today she had it for more than 8 hours! She was turning her head when I called her name and responding to sounds. Yeah!!! It is just sad that we have to return it on Thursday.

Monday, April 25, 2011

365/115 1st track meet of the season

JD had his 1st track meet at his new school.  He was understandable nervous.

In this school district they only compete against 1 other middle school at most meets; so that was a big change for him. More on each team but less runners in each race.

He ran 3 races; 2 of them were relays. He ran the 1 mile and lead for the first 2 laps but could not hold the pace and dropped back to 3rd.  On the last lap he kicked it back in and came in 2nd. On the relays I believe his team won both but for the 3200 meter relay they were the only boys team running.

His coach was pleased with his performance as were we. Maybe next meet he will be more relaxed.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

I am Thankful Week 15

week 16

Journaling reads: I am thankful for the opportunity the
BAHA might give her.

It might not be easy to spot the little tan box behind Syd’s left ear, but it’s there.
After her ear surgery wasn’t successful, the BAHA is our next best chance for Syd to have more normal hearing.  This one is a loaner and it arrived Wednesday night. 
She’s been more tolerant of wearing it on her head than we expected and we’ve seen some moments where it seems like she’s reacting differently than before.
Overall, we’re thankful but still not pinning all our hopes that this will be the cure.  We’ll see...

365/114 Even a Jedi needs her sleep

Hubby couldn’t resist including this picture in the blog.  The title was his idea.  The background is below.

We had a busy day today, taking a walk in one of the parks near our house and then playing in the playground at the church at the end of the street.  After all that excitement, Syd was worn down more than we had guessed.  She was playing quietly and when we went to check on her, we found her sleeping on the floor in the living room.  This is exactly how we found her and, with a tube of bubbles in each hand (they look like little light sabers, don’t they?), Hubby couldn’t let this picture not be posted.

Truth be told, she’s more barbarian than Jedi, but either way, she’s a cutie.


She has been a trooper this week. She has been wearing the Baha for about 1 hour twice a day. We have noticed minor things that we think might be hearing better. The feedback is still a problem and it bothers her greatly.

We have to keep a close eye on her: when she is tired of wearing it she will go off by herself and remove it. The other day she took it off and tried to toss it down the laundry chute!  At the playground today, she was going to throw it over the fence.  See what we’re saying about barbarian Smile



Saturday, April 23, 2011

365/113 It only gets more difficult

Every year we struggle to get all the grandkids to sit with their Easter Baskets. And every year it gets more difficult. They all get bigger and take up more space and some (Syd) are just not cooperative at all.

Syd did however have a great time on the egg hunt. She gathered as much as CJ did. Not bad for her first real try at this little sport.


Did you notice the pig tails she is sporting.  She did not want them in this morning but I prevailed. I figured it would be easier to get the Baha on her head if her hair was not going all over.

Surprisingly she looks so much older with pig tails.

Friday, April 22, 2011

365/112 Paying jobs = Bills

Now that MJ and JD have paying jobs they also were eager to get cell phones. Because of course  “Everybody else has a cell phone!”

They began texting their friends before we left the mall parking lot.

JD and his G-town best friend exchanged 71 texts this evening. So glad we bumped up to the unlimited family texting plan!

I may have to text them if I ever want to talk to them againSmile


Thursday, April 21, 2011

365/111 Not the easiest

This morning I sat Syd down and put the Baha headband on her. It was not easy, but she resisted far less that I thought she would.

We rocked and watched Dora. I held her hands for the first 15 minutes so she would not pull it off.  We got a lot of feedback noise which bothered her a bit and overall she really did not show any signs that she was hearing better.

As soon as I let her up, she took it off…which I expected her to do.

I am a little disappointed. I guess I hoped she would look around in wonder at all the things she was not able to hear just moments before. I think I need to lower my expectations a bitSmile


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

365/110 It arrived

Syd’s Baha Intenso loaner arrived today. It came US mail which surprised me; I thought it would be sent a more secure way.

This is only one of 2 the audiologist would like her to try. We have it for a week so I hope we see an improvement in her ability to hear.

We had so much going on today that I just did not get a chance to put it on her before bed. It just sits in the box and waits to wow us tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

365/109 Sometimes the Stars align

I needed a picture of CJ for a scrapbook layout I was planning.  She is always eager to pose for picture but not always for the poses or expressions I’m looking for.  But today I got lucky and got this gem.

Thank you beautiful girl.


Monday, April 18, 2011

365/108 Small things make an impression

Today I got an email from Hubby, it appears that someone on JD’s paper route works with him.

“Someone from your family left a pair of doggie treats for our poochs.   My wife really liked that.

Let your family members know both dogs while noisy, are very nice.. both  flunked leader dog school…great pets, but not good enough to be the eyes for a blind person.

Tell them they made a great impression on us.

Thanks, m”

It was actually MJ that left the treats when she was subbing for JD. MJ has a soft spot for animals. JD is a tad fearful of the barking dogs on his route.


They also got their 1st pay checks today!  They were thrilled. JD owes MJ more than half of his because of track practice but he is still happy to get paid.

Mom is responsible for the dorky picture of the kids jumping.  They were happy but not quite that excited.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am Thankful Week 15


week 15

Journaling reads:

I am thankful for my brother & his family

I love them. I really want to thank them for stepping in & watching the other kids while Hubby & I take Syd to her appointments.
They not only just watched the other kids; they were a taxi service. When I called my brother to tell him that MJ’s paper route was starting on the day of Syd’s surgery and I could not even tell him how much work would be involved;  he rolled with it & said they would figure it out.
Not only are they there for us when we need them, I’m also thankful that we live close enough to be able to see them often. This is one of the benefits we gained when we moved.

365/107 Extra practice

MJ’s dance recital is coming up.  To get the girls up to speed on their dances the teacher has added weekend classes.  She had to miss yesterday’s class due to the baby shower and she will miss the extra practice on Easter weekend. but I think even though the tap dance is giving her trouble right now she will have her dances down pat.

She got her costumes last week and we had to take them in for alterations, they were just to big in some areas.  She is growing up so fast. I was shocked at the sizes of her costumes {Adult small}.

I guess I should have expected it; she can now shop in the jr section {but I still have to be watchful of what she buys. Not everything in the Jr section is appropriate for a 12 yr. old}


Saturday, April 16, 2011

365/106 Baby Shower Fun

This afternoon the girls and I {minus Syd who had a awful runny nose} picked up Aunt Heather, Lu Bean and Grammy. We all attended my cousin Jessie’s baby shower.  CJ and Lu Bean enjoyed themselves  playing with 2nd cousins they just met.{Is that what you would call my cousin’s kids?}

It was great seeing relatives I have not seen in awhile and I was happy that the girls were so entertained that we got to visit and play games ourselves.

Best wishes to Jessie and her baby girl.


The girls were playing Hide and seek and the littler ones could hide easily amongst the presents.

Friday, April 15, 2011

365/105 Stress reliever

I had a stressful morning of phone calls and internet searching and not coming up with a solution {all to do with Syd’s hearing and getting a loaner Baha’s}.

This afternoon CJ entertained us with a dance or two.  We were zoning in the living room listening to the music station and she just started dancing. Talk about a stress reliever!  She had me laughing and enjoying the pure joy she gets from this.

Maybe dance classes for her would be a good idea after all. She does like to perform.04152011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

365/104 Busy Day

Today we took Syd to an appointment with the audiologist. It was not what we expected but I will get to that next Monday when I hope to have more information.

Because the appointment did not go as we thought it would we got back in time to take MJ to her Spring Choir Concert.  I got her there just before rehearsal was done. After a hair-do crisis {her hair tie broke} everything went great. She has really enjoyed taking Choir this year. 

Her last concert will be all Beatle’s songs and the audience is encouraged to join in. {I will not be singing at all and they will thank me for that.}


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

365/103 The hide away

CJ’s closet has become a little hide away for the girls. While I got ready this morning they played in CJ’s room.  When I went to check on them they were tucked under the blanket in the closet.

CJ said they were camping out and she was telling Syd spooky stories but she was using the flashlight so they would not get scared.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

365/102 Don’t know the cause

MJ has been struggling with swollen and discolored eyes.  It started last week and I took her to the doctor. They tested to see if her kidneys were functioning properly {yep}. They thought it might be an allergy even though she was not itchy. He advised her to stop using her sleeping mask every night and see if that clears it up.

The swelling did go away is just a couple days of not wearing the sleeping mask. But this morning she woke to her eyes swollen yet again.  I took her some allergy meds while she was at school in hopes that it would work. They are still a bit swollen and now they itch so we may need to go back to the doctor and see what they recommend. The allergy meds did not seem to work that well.


Monday, April 11, 2011

365/101 Almost done now

CJ and I worked on the details of the tower while Syd was at school this afternoon.  When Hubby got home he and I raised the roof.  Well, we tried to at least. We thought it was done but it was so crooked that we will need to take it down and try again. {not as crooked as the picture, I was just holding it while Hubby went and got the ladder}


Sunday, April 10, 2011

I’m Thankful Week 14

Week 14

Journaling reads:

I am thankful for hot water even if I’m the last to shower.

Since moving into our 1952 home we have been enjoying the great water pressure the city has to offer.  With the less than eco friendly shower heads we have also been enjoying the peel your skin pelting our showers were giving us.
But only the 1st & half of the 2nd shower of the day would get a hot shower.
We were just using too much water. It was very irresponsible of us.
But we have replaced the wasteful heads and I now get a hot shower every morning even though I’m the 3rd in line. That makes me very happy.

365/100 Steps 1-17 down

We spent about 7.5 hours outside assembling the play set. We got steps 1-17 done out of 35 or so.
CJ begged me not to stop working on her surprise as we were cleaning up for the night. Bless her heart she so wanted to play on it yet today.
The instructions claim to should take between 6-8 hours but I think that is for the people who put these things together professionally. 
Most of what is left is the more decorative stuff that will take some fiddling with to install.  At least as it sits right now the girls could swing on it.  Hopefully we can steal some time to work on it each night this week and have it done by next weekend.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

365/99 the start of a “playground”

Today we purchased the girls a wooden swing set. I call it a early birthday gift for them. The one we like best {a combination of price, features and space required was used to determine this} was way too light colored so I decided to stain it. I picked a colored stain to match the house trim that is in our future renovations plans.
There seemed to be a gazillion pieces to stain and it took me about 3.5 hours. It got me thinking that maybe it was just fine in the natural color but at least it is done now. I still will have to stain the 4x4’s after they dry, they are still wet but the HD guy said that they would be straighter if they were wet {go figure!}
Hubby secretly thinks that they will never get stained because in 2 weeks I will lose interest in this project but I will just have to prove him wrongPrincess
Here is a peek at what it should look like when it is complete. The tarp may one day need to be replaced with a wood slat roof, like the pricier models had {I just don’t have faith that the tarp will hold up to the elements long term.}
swing set

Friday, April 8, 2011

365/98 First official day

JD came home today after 1st hour with migraine symptoms {headache, light & sound sensitivity, and feeling nauseous. But he is not willing to call it a migraine just yet. He took pain meds and slept for about 4 hours and then felt fine.
Because he was home and feeling fine when the newspapers arrived, I had him deliver his route today. It was his first time due to track practice. I drove him from house to house to get him used to his route. Hopefully this will not be a normal activity for me as gas prices are just outrageous.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

365/97 Doing what I can

Posted by Hubby:
For now, while I try to get my leg back into shape, the treadmill is the closest thing I can come to actual running.  The downside is that it’s been a routine of alternating running and walking.  But it seems to let me put in some miles without bothering my knee at all.  Hopefully I’m taking it easy enough that I’ll soon be back out on the roads/trails pain free.  The weather has turned nice recently and I really miss my morning runs.
I think the chance of running the marathon at the end of May is all but gone though.  Too many weeks of too few miles makes me think I’d be biting off more than I can chew.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

365/96 Goldilocks in our bed

We put the girls to bed around 8pm like normal. We watched some TV with the older kids and decided to turn in around 10. I went up first while Hubby let the dogs out one last time.
When I turned on our bedroom light I found a little person in our bed. CJ was all snug and sound asleep. She had snuck in just like Goldilocks.  She didn’t even wake up when I carried her back to her own bed.
This was the first time she has pulled this one on us but I doubt it will be the last time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

365/95 CC MVP

JD had his Fleet Feet Banquet this evening. We almost missed it; 10 minutes before it started Hubby and I were in line at Kroger’s {buying milk like always} when my phone alerted me to upcoming appointment. I forgot all about it! I called home to have MJ get the girls ready and we arrived only 15 minutes late. Not bad considering we thought had nothing planned for the evening.
They gave the kids awards for the fall 2010 season and JD was awarded MVP. He was trilled and surprised. Not bad for his first season with Fleet Feet. {so glad we did not miss it due to my forgetfulness!}

Monday, April 4, 2011

365/94 A new discovery

This paper delivery stuff requires gear! On most days a great pair of comfy shoes will do. But after a good hard rain shoes will become soaked very quickly. Rain boots are a must for MJ’s route.
We picked up a very cute poka dot pair tonight after she got her shoes and bottoms of her jeans drenched in sidewalk puddles.04042011
Talk about big feet, these boots are a size 9 {they fit me} I don’t think I could fit into my mom’s shoes at 12 but by 15 I had just about one upped her on shoe size. Maybe MJ can blame me for those big feetSmile
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