Thursday, December 29, 2011

365/363 I have a frugal side….

Who knew?

Hubby wanted to get me a remote car starter for Christmas.  Loading the girls into a frozen van is no fun in the am {all the window scraping and praying the sliding doors are not frozen shut.}

When I heard the cost of a remote car starter, I cringed. I just don’t think it is worth $300-400 to start my car from a distance, even with toddlers. I thought the same of my back up camera that came with my van and now I shudder to think of reversing without it… maybe remote start could be something I would love too.

Instead, I told Hubby that we should just clean out the garage and I could park in there.  He was a tad stunned that I would pass up an opportunity to spend money but quickly agreed before I could change my mind. He said I would be parking in the garage before the new year.

Knowing Hubby’s past history with home projects (he didn’t say which “new year” Smile), I thought it would take much longer.  He finished ahead of schedule and I parked in the garage for the first time in over a year tonight. Thank you Hubby.

He still has a lot more organizing to do (we’ve only got 1 of the 2 spots cleared enough to park in), but it’s a big improvement from parking outside.


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