Wednesday, December 28, 2011

365/362 What a change!

Syd has just blossomed this last week or so. New words are flying out of her mouth left and right, she is wearing her Baha at home finally, and she has really taken to Hubby more lately.

On my birthday, Syd started giving me smooches {a very nice birthday gift indeed} and, since Monday, she has been giving them out freely to Daddy, Megan and myself {JD won’t allow it}.

She has even become, dare I say, a Daddy’s girl! When we leave the house, both he and I have to be walking out with her or else she calls after him and waits. Today, in Home Depot, I pushed the cart {like always} but every time she lost sight of him, she would yell “Daddy!” I know it warms his heart to get smooches and affection freely from Syd.  As much “man pride” as he has for JD, his girls turn him into a marshmallow with their affections.


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