Thursday, December 15, 2011

365/349 Helping out

After our meeting with Syd’s teachers, I have been trying to let Syd do more for herself {the same things she does by herself at school}. I asked her to get her boots on this afternoon and she just laid on the floor waiting for me to put them on. I waited her out….

CJ just couldn’t wait her out; she knew we had to leave so she stepped in and tried to get Syd’s boots on. Syd was less than helpful {think spaghetti legs}  but tolerated CJ’s attempts. CJ worked at it for a good 5 minutes before she gave up and told me Syd was just going to have to go to school without her boots on {in a very matter of fact sort of way}.

I did end up putting her boots on; I guess I need more practice waiting her out.


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