Thursday, December 8, 2011

365/342 I Channeled my inner “Heather”

My SIL, Heather, has a love for all things glittery. I enjoy looking at glittery things but never have had the urge to actually glitter something {maybe in elementary school}.

I saw a pin Pinterest and I chased it to here. It made me want to glitter cardboard letters! I wanted to put something in our front window and this seemed perfect.

So I channeled my inner Heather and purchased the cheap kids glitter, $4.99 in the kids section of M’s {“Adult” glitter can be pricey and Martha has quite the selection of enticing colors in little bitty tubes and jars}

It did not go as bad as it could have but I do have glitter everywhere and on everyone that stepped into the eat-in part of the kitchen.

I really like the results, now I must go hang it in the window. That might be more of a challenge than the glitter was.


Here’s the how-to:

joy in progress copy

I printed the letters that I blew up to about 24” high on multiple sheets of paper and taped them together. I the used Captain Howdy Font.

Cut out the letters from cardboard twice {that took way longer than it should have} I used scissors, I thought is was easier and safer than a blade.   I did a double layer of cardboard so they would be sturdier and because I was using a box I had from Amazon it had flap creases. I shifted the flap creases on the second layer and used Super 77 to stick them together.

I covered the letters with red cardstock {so not to see cardboard through gaps in the glitter}. 

I went about spraying Super 77 and pouring glitter on, two coats of each and then a coat of poly spray {stinky stuff, I left the letters in the garage overnight}

The “O” is just an 18” straw wreath that I wrapped with candy cane striped ribbon secured with pins and added a premade bow.


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