Tuesday, December 6, 2011

365/340 Christmas Ornaments 2011

Every year I buy a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament for the kids. I try to match something that shows their interest or a milestone for the year, Hallmark does not always have the design that I’m looking for but we make do.
When they move out and get their first home they can take their ornament with them and have use them on their tree and hopefully have fond memories of the reasons we chose each ornament to share with their loved ones.
christmas ornaments 2011
This year I choose

Sweetheart Minnie Mouse For CJ

CJ likes anything pink and sparkly. At Halloween this year she surprised me by choosing to be Minnie Mouse instead of the fairy. She is our girly girl.

It's All Good at Grandma's For MJ

We tease MJ because every time we visit my mom she heads straight for the candy jar and before we leave she raids it again for the long ride home. Reminds me of when I was young and I would do the same thing at my Grandma’s house.

1968 Ford Mustang GT For JD

JD is just car crazy right now. He got his learners permit and is dreaming of his first car. He is dreaming way above his ability to pay for said first car, but didn’t we all do that at 15?

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree For Syd

Syd is learning new words daily and “Guitar” was the first new word she said on the first day of school this fall. She noticed the new bulletin board outside her classroom that was decorated with a juke box guitars and records with the students names. She pointed at the guitar and said “Git-tar” While strumming her tummy.  It thrilled me and made me smile. 
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