Saturday, December 3, 2011

365/337 make, break and repeat….

Tonight I spent repeating a project that I should have done correctly the first time. I made an ornament wreath a few days ago….


But I failed to follow the instructions I found online to a tee. I ignored the step where you hot glue the tops to the ornaments. She even explained why it was crucial not to over look this part but I have not used my glue gun since before CJ was born and we have moved since then; I just did not want to look for it.

Well this afternoon one on my unfinished projects {painting the trim; the door stop is still on the counter top} caused the front door and the wreath to crash into the frame hanging on the wall. A dozen ornaments popped off their hangers which at first I thought would be an easy fix but not true.

I unstrung all the ornaments and started over from the beginning. First I spent a good 30 minutes and a bit of luck finding the glue gun {only the 3rd unpacked box I peeked in was the one}. I glued the tops on the ornaments for 2 hours and then restrung them on a bit larger hanger.


Notice my little assistant with her head in the  container on mini ornaments. Her favorite things is to rub 2 glittery ornaments together to make a glitter pile to dip her hands in.  I have glitter all over this house thanks to her.


I think I liked the original smaller one better but I only had the larger hanger left so it is what it is. I have spent enough time on this little project.

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