Saturday, November 12, 2011

365/316 Race day & relaxation

At home: For the guys in our house, today mirrored the story of the tortoise and hare for their 1/2 marathon. JD took off fast but could not sustain his speed; Hubby and Uncle Michael passed him in the last couple of miles.  JD still ran well considering this was the longest distance has ever ran.  He probably could have helped his performance by preparing a little more {practice runs at longer distances} but he figured that he just came off XC season and was in top physical shape.

He did beat his teacher by 8 minutes; she is the reason that he ran this race in the first place. Any student that ran and beat her would get extra credit points.  That’s a teacher that inspires kids!

In Gaylord: I had a long day of scrapping and having fun with my friends. Heather got to play Plinko for a prize. After the wi-fi was fixed, I was able to Skype with the family. Syd kept telling me “mamma miss you”.  She even blew me a kiss. A very good day indeed!


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