Friday, November 25, 2011

365/329 Our Black Friday

Due to the girls being sick and the fact we could not find a single thing we needed to go out for {except milk and Coke Zero}, we spent today shredding old paper work.

After going through 8 boxes of files, we are only left with 3 boxes of files that we thought we should keep. We still had households bills from 2001; that was 4 phone companies and 3 houses ago {Hubby has a little bit of his father in him}!

We ended with 5 large bags of shredded paper, 3 boxes of recyclable paper and more than enough empty folders to open an office supply store.

Now we just have to take this stuff to the recycling center….. Hubby wishes he knew how to turn all this recycled paper into insulation so we could add it to our attic Smile


CJ is still running a temp of 103 but Syd seems to be on the mend a bit. If CJ is still feverish in the morning we are going back to Urgent Care.

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