Sunday, November 20, 2011

365/324 A tunnel and a finished project

Hubby has been in one of his “tunnels” this last week {a tunnel is my term for when he gets completely focused on one activity…to the exclusion of all others}.  He put his car up for sale and so he is searching for another diesel. He has had some semi-serious offers already and every nibble sends him back to the pc to search for a replacement.  Hubby is, by nature, a compulsive person when it comes to researching things.  He can spend hours checking and comparing the most minute details on a potential purchase, whether the item costs $100 or $10,000.

I did pull him away from his eBay car searching long enough to finish installing the quarter round. Now I just need to caulk and paint it. I would love to get the tree up next weekend but this will have to be first. Let’s hope everyone stays healthy so I can paint…. 


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