Wednesday, November 9, 2011

365/313 Varsity Letter

High School seems to fit JD. Middle school was not the easiest for him, moving to a new school in the 8th grade was hard for him. But over the summer he found his place on the High School XC team and started setting goals. I can’t thank the team and coaches enough for how the program is run and how they took him in and made him feel welcomed.

Tonight was the XC awards were handed out and JD was awarded the ever coveted Varsity letter. He was the only freshman to earn a letter this season and he was geeked about it. We are proud of him and happy that he achieved his goal.

He has set his sights on earning varsity awards for XC and track all 4 years of High school. I think he will do that if he keeps his focus.


As soon as he earned 2 varsity points back in October I  started researching what I thought would be his Christmas gift this year, a varsity jacket. Surprisingly he does not want a varsity jacket this year, which at $280 I can’t say I’m sad about that right now. He wants to wait until he gets a bit older and larger so it will fit him longer. Sometimes he can shock me with is practical thinking.

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