Tuesday, November 8, 2011

365/312 what a surprise

Today while Little Man was hanging out with us JD asked if he could feed him. I was shocked that he wanted to do this, I don’t recall him having any interest in feeding CJ or Syd when they were this age.

He even took Little Man out of his car seat without being asked to. I’m not sure what has gotten into JD but he was eager to help me with his cousin today. Maybe I should just say thank and leave it at that.


I got a new do this evening... It is shorter than I expected it to be but it is growing on me {my hair was about 2-3 inches past my shoulders} I don’t get to excited about hair cuts anymore I figure it is just hair and it will grow back out again. I do feel lighter and bouncier now.

new cut 11022011

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