Monday, November 7, 2011

365/311 she might be bribable now

This last weekend Syd has taken an interest in Dum Dum suckers! This kid has had NO interest in candy ever{expect a slight like for Smarties occasionally}.

I had to laugh when the speech therapist asked me over the summer what she could reward Syd with during their sessions and I drew a blank. Syd is not the typical kid that will work for candy or cookies; she just had no desire for sweets.

Well now there might be a opportunity to bribe/reward  her. She has asked for a sucker the last three days and though she does not love them yet she is really trying to. She has come a long way in a short time; on Friday she was just sticking her tongue out and licking it but today she is putting the whole sucker in her mouth and making a big mess of herself.


I’m undecided as too whether I am for this change or against it. I guess I’m just concerned that other sweet things will become desirable to her. She does not eat many food as it is but at least the ones she eats are not completely non-nutritional in value.

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