Wednesday, November 2, 2011

365/306 Safety first

This evening Hubby asked CJ if she wanted to go out with him while he adjusted my van door. Well, of course she did, but first she had to find her shoes, socks and sweatshirt. By the time she found and put on all those things, he was back in already.

She was so disappointed that she could not go outside with him and fussed a bit. We all know that these girls have daddy wrapped around their finger; he agreed to take her for a small walk to make up for it.

I told them it was too dark to walk on the road but dad had a plan. She wore his reflective vest and he wore his new reflective jacket. Problem solved!


Check out Syd; she has been saying “Cheese!” and tilting her head lately whenever she sees me with the camera. Too cute!

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