Tuesday, November 1, 2011

365/305 1st School photo

I got Syd’s school picture yesterday. This was the first school pictures for her. I really was not expecting a great smile from her but I got more than a great smile!

A few weeks ago when she got them taken, the teacher and a Para were trying hard to get all the kids to smile and look in the right direction for the photographer. They were using a water bottle to delight the kids and it worked on every kid I saw them photograph. {did I ever tell you how GREAT the staff at ESA is??}

When it was Syd’s turn, she was antsy and kept trying to look the wrong direction. When her teacher showed her the water bottle she got excited and smiled. Just when the photo was snapped she winked at the teacher, something she does often.

The photographer said “I’ll get you one of those, mom, it is the cutest thing” .

I assumed I would get a single picture of Syd winking but NO they sent me a full package for free of the winking shot plus a full package of the smiling shot. Thank you so much Lifetouch!


Everyone at the school says the winking shot is “so Syd” and that is the one I should hang on my wall. I think they both will get hung. What a cutie! 

It’s been so good to see her personality really develop as she becomes more and more a part of the rest of the world.

We can never say it enough – thank you ESA!!

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