Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy 42nd Birthday Hubby

We had a busy day and I’m sorry that day was not focused around you more. But we did spend the evening with friends and had plenty of treats to eat and I know how much you enjoyed that.

halloween 2011

This is the only photo of just Hubby I took today:

Photo Oct 29, 8 29 07 AM

it was him testing out his birthday gift; A new IlluminNITE Jacket for running {I could not find the exact jacket I bought him but all their products are amazing}.

This Jacket is awesome.  It is an all black jacket but when light hits it, it turns almost all white and reflective. The best way to run at night is to make yourself visible to cars and that is why I see this as a gift of love. He loves to run in the early mornings when it is still dark (5:00 am on the weekdays) and we want him to return from each run safe and sound. Love you babe.

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