Monday, October 31, 2011

365/304 Trick or Treat

The kids had a great time this evening; well, maybe not JD. He decided he was too cool  to go with us so he stayed home and was annoyed by the trick or treaters that rang our bell even though the light was off.

He did however help MJ take the girls down our street before we were heading out with our friends for the real event. They looked so cute and I thought it was sign that tonight would go better than last year with Syd.

Syd was better, I only had to carry her  part of the time and she did walk up to most of the houses that the other kids stopped at. She got the hang of what to do.  Next year will be Syd’s year for sure, I just know it!

I know I now have weeks of listening to CJ begging for candy, and finding wrappers from the pieces that were snuck from the bucket.

Happy Halloween all!!


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