Sunday, October 30, 2011

365/303 shaving can be dangerous

JD has now shaved twice and I have warned him of the dangers of nicking or getting cuts on his face. I however never once though to warn him not to run his thumb across the blades! {ouch!}

That is what he did tonight. He took a razor that he has only used one other time and thought it was not “working” so he rubbed his  thumb across it to “unclog” it.  He bled through the first band-aid he  put on so he wrapped it with gauze and medical tape and went to bed.


I was already asleep when this all happened, but when Hubby woke me up to tell me, I sent him down there to get a picture of it. {I know, what a caring mom; but Hubby told me he was fine and I was already asleep and all…}

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